Palestinians Condemn Israeli Killings In West Bank

Palestinians condemned yesterday, the killings of Palestinians by Israeli soldiers and settlers in the West Bank.

At least four Palestinians were killed within the last 24 hours, including a Palestinian teenager, who succumbed to the wounds inflicted by an Israeli guard in the West Bank last week, according to the Palestinian health ministry.

On Sunday, an Israeli army unit carried out an attack on a car near the village of Araba, located in the southern part of the West Bank city of Jenin, resulting in the death of three Palestinians inside the vehicle. The Israeli authorities said that, the three individuals were believed to be on their way to carry out a hostile attack against Israel.

Palestinian Prime Minister, Mohamed Ishtaye, said during a cabinet meeting that, “the Israeli occupation, which persists in killing our children daily, must be brought to justice,” according to an official statement.

Speaker of the Palestinian National Council, Rawhi Fattouh, also condemned the killings and called on the international community “to intervene urgently and decisively to put an end to the madness.”

Meanwhile, the Palestinian Foreign Ministry condemned “the escalation of Israeli crimes against the Palestinians” in a press statement, and stressed that, “the absence of the international will for peace” exacerbates the situation in Palestinian territories.

In Gaza, the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) said in a statement that, the Palestinian people “will confront what is happening with all strength and valour and will respond firmly to crimes and transgression.”

Since Jan, 27 people, most of them Israelis, have been killed in a series of attacks carried out by Palestinians.

However, more than 200 Palestinians have been killed, during the same period, by Israeli soldiers and settlers, according to official figures.

Source: Nam News Network