The Department of Law and Al-Asriya Center for Studies and Research at Al-Asriya University issues two peer-reviewed legal books

The Department of Law and the Al-Asriya Center for Studies and Research at Al-Asriya University College issued two peer-reviewed legal books that are collectively authored: the first is an introduction to public international law and the second is international organizations.

Head of the Law Department, Ms. Jihan Al-Shuyoukhi, said that the two publications are compatible with the law courses taught at Al-Asriya University, indicating that this achievement constitutes a first step that paves the way for the issuance of other books under implementation, which will facilitate their studies for students and researchers and enable them to prepare their academic legal research.

Al-Shuyoukhi explained that the two books are a qualitative addition to the Palestinian and Arab library, as they were refereed by Professor Suhail Al-Fatlawi and Professor Muhammad Al-Mousa, and the two books were prepared and participated by Dr. Majd Abdullah, editor-in-chief of the Modern Journal of Legal Studies and a member of the teaching staff in the Law Department at Al-Asriya University.

In turn, the head of the Al-Asriya Center for Studies and Research, Dr. Suhaib Shaheen, confirmed that the two publications fall within the center’s strategy of producing peer-reviewed educational methodological books according to a specific time plan.

Dr. Shaheen added that the participants in writing the book Introduction to Public International Law were: Dr. Mahmoud Salama Al-Sharif, who specializes in international criminal law and is a teaching member at the Faculty of Law, Alexandria University and director of the Research Unit at the Jusoor Center for Cultural and Development Studies and Consultations, and Dr. Majd Abdullah, editor-in-chief of Al-Asriya Magazine. For legal studies and a member of the faculty in the Department of Law at Al-Asriya University, Dr. Ahmed Muhammad Radwan Hassan Heikal, a doctor in public international law and a member of the teaching staff at the Higher Institute of Mahalla al-Kubra, and Dr. Safaa Reda Rashid Hanafi, a doctorate in public international law.

Concerning writing the book on international organizations, Dr. Shaheen said that the participants are: Professor Dr. Walid Hassan Fahmy, Head of the Department of Public International Law at the Faculty of Law, Pharos University of Alexandria, and a legal advisor to the African Court of Human Rights, and Dr. in International Criminal Law, Mahmoud Salama Al-Sharif, a delegated faculty member at the Faculty of Law, Alexandria University, and Dr. International Public Affairs Officer Hanaa Hassan Shamma, Undersecretary of the Legal Affairs Department at the Egyptian Tax Authority, and Professor Nawar Badir, a doctoral researcher in public law and a part-time faculty member at Birzeit University.

Regarding the specifications of the two versions, Dr. Majd Abdullah, who followed the details of the two versions from the time they were an idea until they were published, explained: They are distinguished by the precise and clear presentation of the provisions of public international law and international organizations, in addition to the practical presentation of a number of relevant applied aspects, according to an integrated logical fabric so that the theoretical aspect does not prevail in a way that diminishes the practical aspect, without the two works losing their basic value as references to which reference is made in any case. One of the issues they address in organization.

Dr. Abdullah indicated that work is continuing to write a number of qualitative methodological books in the branches of public international law with the participation of an elite group of specialized authors from Palestine and the sisterly Arab countries.

Source: Maan News Agency

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