Since this morning: More than 200 martyrs and dozens wounded in different areas of the Gaza Strip

Gaza – Together – Hundreds of citizens were martyred and others were injured in raids launched by the occupation warplanes, artillery and boats, on various areas of the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli occupation forces continue to violently target Khan Yunis in the south of the Gaza Strip, where dozens of citizens were martyred and injured as a result of the occupation aircraft bombing a house for the Al-Abadla family in the town of Al-Qarara, northeast of the city, and the house of the Al-Astal family in the center of the city. Three children were also martyred and 12 others were injured in a bombing that targeted a house in the city. .

The occupation aircraft targeted a house for the Al-Nujaili family in the town of Al-Qarara, northeast of Khan Yunis, killing 10 citizens, most of them women and children.

A local source indicated that entire blocks of the city of Khan Yunis were evacuated, in addition to the eastern towns, which greatly doubled the number of displaced people, noting that the occupation artillery separated the central governorate from the south.

He explained that the occupation forces divided the Gaza Strip into three parts: the north of the Strip, the middle, and the south, while between the center and the south there are still some bypass roads and the coastal road.

Medical sources reported that more than 150 citizens were martyred in the Al-Shujaiya neighborhood, east of Gaza City, where warplanes bombed dozens of bombs on an entire residential square near Diwan Muntaha.

She added that large numbers of martyrs and wounded were transferred to the Baptist Hospital in Gaza, while large numbers are still under the rubble.

In the Zaytoun neighborhood, the war machine committed several massacres after bombing the homes of the Shehadeh, Al-Sawafiri, and Al-Najjar families.

A number of citizens were martyred in different neighborhoods of Gaza City, such as Al-Yarmouk, Al-Nasr, and Sheikh Radwan, in addition to massive destruction of homes and infrastructure.

Eyewitnesses reported that six citizens were killed and at least 20 injured as a result of the Israeli occupation aircraft bombing the Tamraz station in the Jabalia refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip.

Today, the occupation forces committed a crime in the Jabalia camp, where about 100 citizens were martyred as a result of a missile strike that targeted a residential building belonging to the Al Obaid family on the heads of its residents in the Jabalia camp. Dozens were injured, and there are still missing people under the rubble.

The occupation aircraft targeted several inhabited homes in the Beit Lahia residential project, leading to the death and injury of dozens of citizens.

Ambulance vehicles face difficulty in approaching areas exposed to bombing, so citizens transport them in animal-drawn carts and private vehicles to hospitals.

Since the start of the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip on October 7, more than 15,000 citizens have been martyred, including 6,150 children and more than 4,000 women, in addition to more than 37,000 wounded, an infinite toll.

Thousands of citizens are still missing, and it is likely that the majority of them were martyred under the rubble of their homes, and ambulance and rescue crews have not been able to recover them until now.

Source: Maan News Agency