Highest percentage of detention campaigns recorded in Hebron Governate, says PPS

RAMALLAH: The Palestinian prisoner society (PPS) said this evening that Hebron Governorate has witnessed the highest arrest campaigns after the October 7 in the West Bank.

PPS said that the number of detentions in the governorate and its neighboring towns and camps reached around 1,400, including 32 women and 84 children.

It said in a statement, that these numbers do not only reflect the level of the increase in the number of detainees, but also the level of crimes and attacks that accompanied the arrest operations, including the detention of citizens as hostages, specifically women, pointing out that the highest percentage in the number of administrative detainees was also concentrated in the Hebron Governorate compared with the rest of the provinces.

PPS added that the Israeli occupation forces are continuing to carry out more arrest campaigns in the West Bank after the 7th of last October, as well as incursions into many camps and towns and carrying out large-scale military operations, the latest of whi
ch was in the town of Beit Ummar in Hebron yesterday, where occupation forces detained about 30 people.

Based on a number of testimonies from the town of Beit Ummar, the arrest operations were accompanied by widespread attacks, represented by widespread acts of vandalism inside homes, as the occupation soldiers deliberately blew up the belongings of a number of homes, in addition to severe beatings of citizens, specifically during operations.

The field investigation also recorded thefts of money and gold jewelry, in addition to the seizure of dozens of vehicles, in addition to the threats that accompanied the investigation and arrest operations.

PPS said that many towns and camps were subjected to extensive military operations after the seventh of last October, concentrated in the Tulkarm and Jenin governorates, in addition to Balata camp in Nablus, and some towns and villages in Ramallah, most notably Al-Mughayir, in addition to Dheisheh camp, and the town of Husan in Bethlehem, which recently witnessed a
massive incursion.

Source: Palestine news and Information Agency – WAFA