Cabinet confirms ongoing efforts and international contacts to stop Israeli aggression against Palestinians

RAMALLAH: The Palestinian cabinet confirmed the continuation of the efforts and international contacts by President Mahmoud Abbas, the leadership and the government to stop the Israeli occupation aggression against the Palestinian people in the besieged Gaza Strip.

During the weekly cabinet meeting, Prime Minister, Mohammad Mustafa, discussed ongoing efforts to coordinate with international institutions to introduce more relief aid and expand relief efforts immediately after a ceasefire is achieved, in light of international warnings of the danger of a looming famine.

The cabinet also condemned the occupation’s aggression against the Nur Shams refugee camp in the Tulkarem governorate, in the northern occupied West Bank, including the unprecedented destruction and collective punishments carried out against tens of thousands of residents, along with the destruction of the infrastructure and the complete cutting off of electrical and water supply lines.

The Council slammed what’s happening in the Gaza Strip,
the Nur Shams camp and other camps as part of the occupation plan aimed at emptying the camps of their inhabitants as a step on the way to liquidating the refugee issue.

Mustafa stressed the ongoing support of the Palestinian leadership to UNRWA in the face of Israeli incitement and systematic targeting to end its work.

The cabinet also instructed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates and all relevant authorities to intensify efforts to mobilize international support for the prisoners cause to stop the occupation’s violations of their rights, especially the torture, assault and severe beatings, deprivation of food and water, medical negligence and collective punishment.

Source: Palestine News and Information Agency – WAFA

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