Why did the prices of table eggs rise?

The prices of table eggs have witnessed a noticeable increase recently, and the price of a carton of eggs (30 eggs) ranged between 19-24 shekels in the Palestinian market.

To find out the reasons that led to this increase compared to last month, the journalist Ahmed Tanouh, on the Ma’an 24 program, which is broadcast on Ma’an satellite channel, hosted Jaber Al-Tamizi, a farmer and expert in table egg cultivation, where he explained that the reasons are due to the rise in the prices of grains and fodder globally due to the military operation. Russia’s attack on Ukraine, in addition to the death of a large number of poultry due to the heat wave and diseases that struck poultry flocks, not to mention the failure to disburse farmers’ dues by the Ministry of Finance, which led to a large number of poultry breeders reluctance to raise them.

Al-Tamizi added, for the first time, these three reasons affected farmers and citizens alike, and prices increased.

He said that the market is suffering from a shortage of eggs ranging between 10-20%, and Al-Tumaizi expected that this shortage will affect the prices of table eggs during the next three months, and their prices may rise due to increased demand and decreased quantities.

To compensate for this shortage, Al-Tamizi pointed to the attempts of merchants to bring eggs from the Gaza Strip, but the occupation authorities refused and are still refusing to do so.

Al-Tamizi called on the Ministries of Agriculture and Finance to pay farmers’ dues, especially tax returns, so that they can overcome this crisis by returning to education, noting that the current crisis may continue until April of next year

Source: Maan News Agency

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