On Sunday, the Palestinian Academic Council held a political symposium to discuss international and regional developments and their impact on the Palestinian issue, at the council’s headquarters in Ramallah, attended by an elite group of Palestinian academics and intellectuals.

The Chairman of the Academic Council, Dr., spoke at the symposium. Muhammad Al-Masry about the changes taking place in the world in connection with the war in Ukraine, saying that regardless of the results of this war, it is expected that it will result in a new multipolar world, and the end of the stage of unipolar hegemony, adding that the failure of the United States of America to remain in control of the world will make this world Fairer for us as Palestinians.

As confirmed by Dr. Al-Masry stressed that this war left its effects on the region, and many things changed, and there is no longer any talk about an Arab NATO in which the occupying state participates, and it is not possible to form a security system in which the primary role is for this occupying state, and the reconciliations that took place between the countries of the region, especially The reconciliation sponsored by China between the two Islamic countries, the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has greatly changed the inter-relations of the countries of the region.

Dr. added.Al-Masry said that if we follow the divisions and conflicts taking place in the occupying state under a fascist government, we will notice how this state has become a burden on its Western allies, and that Netanyahu has become in a state of confusion, and has not yet been invited to visit the White House, and here it is necessary Pay attention to what is being promoted by the Hebrew press that there is a possibility of a process of normalization between the occupying state and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as this promotion is nothing but propaganda to save Netanyahu from the predicament he is experiencing in light of what is happening in the occupying state of demonstrations against him and his government, in addition to the issue of his trial, so We see this government carrying out invasions on our cities and villages, as well as encroaching on our sanctities and on our prisoners, and it announces from time to time the construction of settlements, in addition to what happened against our prodigal d
aughters in Hebron, forcing them to take off their clothes by force and threatening them with their police force, and we heard today that there is an agreement to connect the ports of India has railways linking India, Africa and EuropeThe Middle East includes the occupying state, and Netanyahu is debunking the news as if it were an achievement of his policy, especially since the matter does not include the State of Palestine.

Dr. warned. Al-Masry of what is happening, adding that we must beware of all of this and see it in the broader picture, because the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia links the establishment of any relationship with the occupying state to the necessity of the occupying state’s commitment to the Arab Peace Initiative, and we trust the sincerity of the Saudi position and the position of His Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman, and this is what he confirmed. To His Excellency the President in his recent meeting in the cities of Jeddah.

Dr. added. Al-Masry said that the occupation is working hard to establish political relations with some Arab countries without any commitment to resolving the Palestinian issue on the basis of international legitimacy, and here it must be said that the Palestinian leadership is playing an active role at the level of political action, and I believe that the meeting that brought together President Abu Mazen, President Sisi, and His Majesty King Abdullah God in the city of El Alamein came to coordinate positions to confront any dangers threatening the Palestinian cause. The President will visit the United States this weekend to deliver a speech in the United Nations General Assembly demanding international protection and recognition of the State of Palestine as a full member state of the United Nations, supported in this position by Egypt. Jordan, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Arab countries.

In the symposium, all the risks facing the Palestinian issue were discussed by the participants, and the discussion was focused on the necessity of unifying the internal front, adhering to national constants, and not clashing with our Arab depth. Rather, it is necessary to deepen the dialogue and continue coordination with the important countries in the region, and at the forefront of them is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The attendees pointed out the need for transparency and frankness with the Palestinian people about what is possible and what is the official Palestinian position that no one can go beyond.

Some of the attendees made some recommendations, all of which were aimed at unifying the Palestinian internal front, and there is a bet on a clear and solid position in confronting the settlement policy and confronting the settlers, and this matter cannot be achieved without ending the division

Source: Maan News Agency

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