Israeli drone attack claims life of civilian in Khan Yunis

KHAN YUNIS: A Palestinian civilian was killed and several others sustained injuries this evening in a targeted strike by an Israeli drone on the Nasser Medical Complex in Khan Yunis, south of the Gaza Strip.

Local sources at the hospital said an Israeli drone opened fire on a group of civilians who had ascended to the upper floor of the Nasser Medical Complex in an attempt to access the internet. The attack resulted in the tragic murder of one individual and injuries to others.

The hospital, the second largest medical facility in the Gaza Strip, has been subjected to an Israeli military siege for several weeks, with Israeli tanks and armored personnel carriers encircling the area from all directions.

The bulk of the civilian population in Khan Yunis, particularly in the areas surrounding the hospital, have also been forcibly evacuated out of the area by the occupying Israeli army.

Source:Palestine news & Information Agency – WAFA