Bank of Palestine participates in the “Women of the Future” Summit

Bank of Palestine participated in the “Women of the Future” summit, organized by the Palestinian Information and Communications Technology Incubator (PICTI) under the auspices of the Ministry of Women’s Affairs in Ramallah, under the title “Towards Restoring Women’s Economic Power.”

The first session of the conference addressed the issue of breaking barriers: policies and initiatives seeking to enhance women’s participation and growth in the fields of information and communications technology. The second session was entitled Education Issues and More: Cooperation of Academic and Non-Governmental Organizations in Developing Women’s Participation and Enhancing Their Skills in the Information Technology Sector, while The final session examined the issue of shaping the future: the role of the technology and communications sector in supporting economic empowerment, justice and equal employment opportunities.

Mrs. Maysa Shinar, Director of the Digital Transformation Department at the Bank of Palestine, presented during the third session on the role of the technology and communications sector in supporting economic empowerment, justice and equality in job opportunities, stressing that the Bank of Palestine is keen to support Palestinian women, whether inside or outside the bank, in line with its vision. And its strategy towards enhancing the position of women in society.”

Shenar added that the bank’s strategy is embodied in supporting women in action and not in words, as 47% of the bank’s employees are women. The bank also supports projects led by women with the pillars of sustainability, and empowers them through the various programs and initiatives it provides for women and entrepreneurs to embrace their ideas and projects, such as The Felestineya Program, Intersect Incubator, and Ibtikar, to hone their abilities and skills in the world of business and trade, in order to achieve financial inclusion, to enhance their participation in advancing our economy and empowering our society.

It is noteworthy that the conference discussed a group of issues of concern to women, including increasing the percentage of women working in the information and communications technology sector, empowering them in the work environment, and refining and developing their capabilities by strengthening them economically.

Source: Maan News Agency

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