The President of Al-Quds University participates in the inauguration ceremony of the 30th President of Harvard University, Claudine Guy, among international elites

Jerusalem – Together – The President of Al-Quds University, Prof. Dr. Imad Abu Kishk at the inauguration ceremony of the President of Harvard University, Professor Claudine Guy, and the farewell of its former president, Professor Lawrence Bacow, in a unique participation at the Arab level in the presence of an elite group of university presidents, academics, and politicians, economists, and intellectuals around the world.

Prof. Dr. said: On this occasion, Abu Kishk said, “I was pleased to participate in the inauguration ceremony of the new president of Harvard University, the world’s first university, and I was honored to be the only Arab personality to participate in this prestigious ceremony.”

And Prof. Dr. Abu Kishk, from the new president, extends his sincerest congratulations and wishes of success, hoping to strengthen joint academic cooperation between Harvard University and Al-Quds University through new qualitative programs added to the Master’s program in Competitiveness and Development Economics, the first of its kind in the Arab region, which is an important shift in cooperation between the two universities.

Jay comes to be the 30th president of Harvard, succeeding its former president, Lawrence Bacow, who made his first visit to Al-Quds University last March, a unique visit at the level of universities in Palestine.

It is noteworthy that the Master’s program in Competitiveness and Development Economics is a distinguished program regionally, and was the result of a unique partnership between the University of Al-Quds and Harvard based on Al-Quds University’s endeavor to build bridges of communication with prestigious educational institutions around the world. It addresses the field of developing effective mechanisms to enhance competitiveness and the role it plays in economic development, and its reflection. This focuses on social development, and focuses on the applied dimension of modern economic theories and their role in enhancing the competitiveness of businesses of all types, in a way that simulates the needs of the labor market locally and internationally.

Source: Maan News Agency