The occupation seizes 501 dunums of land in the town of Jaba

Jerusalem – Ma’an – The Israeli occupation authorities seized 501 dunums of land from the town of Jaba, northeast of Jerusalem.

The Wall and Settlement Resistance Commission said on Thursday, “The Israeli occupation authorities announced the confiscation of 501 dunums of citizens’ lands in Jaba’ in the Jerusalem Governorate, under the pretext that they are ‘state land’.”

The head of the Wall and Settlement Resistance Commission, Muayyad Shaaban, said, “The lands targeted by the military order are located in Basin No. 3, a natural area of Wadi al-Nimr, and Basin No. 4, a natural area, of Erqan al-Jahsh, on the lands of the village of Jaba.”

Shaaban added that the occupation authorities are trying, by converting these lands into so-called state lands, to create geographical continuity between the “Adam” and “Geva Benjamin” colonies in occupied Jerusalem, given that these targeted lands are located in the space separating the two colonies, which will contribute in the future to Settlements are expanded on citizens’ lands without regard to their basic rights and without paying attention to the position of international law, which criminalizes these grave violations committed by the occupying power in the occupied land.

The occupation authorities aim, through this type of declaration, to transform citizens’ lands into the colonial project, in a terrible perversion of the laws prevailing before the occupation in favor of the increasing colonialism in the Palestinian land, and to prohibit the entry of citizens to these lands on the pretext that they have become state lands, and it is part of a large plan aimed at controlling On the eastern slopes of the West Bank, specifically those adjacent to the Jordan Valley and the edge of the Jordan Valley, by controlling vast areas in this region, according to the Commission.

Shaaban called on citizens who own lands targeted by the military order to go to the Commission’s offices in order to complete legal files as quickly as possible, to nullify the occupation order.

Source: Maan News Agency