EU Representative delivers message of support during meeting with Palestinian premier

RAMALLAH: Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mohammad Mustafa, met with Alexandre Stutzmann, the European Union Representative to Palestine. Stutzmann delivered a message from the EU Foreign Minister, Joseph Borrell, reaffirming the Union’s steadfast support for the Palestinian people and the establishment of the Palestinian state.

During the meeting, Mustafa briefed Stutzmann on the government’s priorities, particularly focusing on enhancing relief and humanitarian efforts and providing essential services to the people in Gaza.

Mustafa emphasized the importance of pressuring Israel to open all crossings with the Gaza Strip, increase the entry of relief and humanitarian aid, and ensure its delivery to all Palestinians in need across the region.

Prime Minister Mustafa also warned of the dangerous developments in the West Bank, highlighting the escalating attacks and terrorism by settlers on Palestinian villages and towns.

Furthermore, Mustafa outlined the government’s plans for institutional r
eform, achieving economic revitalization and stability, and enhancing the resilience of Palestinian citizens.

Source: Palestine News and Information Agency – WAFA

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