Educators demand the formulation of a new social educational contract

Ramallah – Together – In partnership between the Educational Coalition and Teacher Creativity, preparations have begun to hold a dialogue forum entitled: “Towards a New Social Educational Contract.” The forum is expected to be an event that brings together educational actors and other stakeholders to discuss a group of important and pressing issues that affect education, and to mobilize parties concerned with education in Palestine in order to begin a new and difficult story, aiming to protect the educational process from the ongoing and various internal and external violations and move forward towards… Organizing and arranging laws and thus developing education and stabilizing the educational process.

The Educational Coalition and the Teacher Creativity Center, which are organizing the forum, stated that dialogues are currently taking place between various educators, and it is hoped that the discussions will lead to answering many thorny questions, and that they will ultimately lead to crystallizing the initial features of a new social educational contract. They stressed that it is hoped that the effectiveness of the forum will be held. Dialogical education enables educators to think differently about the issue of learning and about the relationships between students, teachers, knowledgeable people, and the world. They added that this forum is based on the principles of human rights, guaranteeing the right to lifelong learning, promoting education as a public work and a common benefit, and dealing realistically with the specificity of the Palestinian situation as a state. Under occupation.

The Forum’s Steering Committee held its first meeting on Saturday, September 30, 2023, for an in-depth discussion about the idea of the Forum and the development of a draft of the reference framework. The members of the Steering Committee expressed their opinions regarding the educational social contract, and stressed the need for the Forum to be dominated by dialogue in a new way, and to present new ideas. Through actors seeking renewal. It is worth noting that there will be subsequent meetings to complete the dialogues aimed at mobilizing efforts to develop the idea, make it successful, and mature it by holding an educational dialogue forum that is expected to take place at the end of this year.

Source: Maan News Agency