Women Across the World Mark International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day, and across Spain, women are on strike.

Women on strike: Aqui estamos, las feministas.

Here we are, the feminists, they’re chanting, banging pots and pans and refusing to work for 24 hours. Organizers say it’s the first nationwide women’s strike in Spain’s history. Their motto: If we stop, the world stops. This is Concha Gonzalez, a psychoanalyst who is not practicing today, because she’s on strike.

Concha Gonzalez: It scares society, and also many women, when they realize how strong we can be, especially when we are together. That’s why I will strike, and that is why I am here.

The historic women’s strike in Spain comes as women across the world�from Afghanistan to the Philippines to Mexico�are marking International Women’s Day, demanding equality, justice and an end to patriarchy and violence against women. We’ll have more on their strikes, marches and protests after headlines.