Watch: MAP joins live panel discussion on COVID-19 in Palestine

This month, Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) took part in a live panel discussion on COVID-19 (coronavirus) in the occupied Palestinian territory organised by Palestine DeepDive. Joining from MAP was Aseel Baidoun, our Advocacy and Communications Officer in the West Bank, who outlined MAP’s emergency response and why we are prioritising infection prevention and control.
The discussion was moderated by Mark Seddon, UN correspondent for Al Jazeera TV. Aseel spoke alongside Steve Sosebee, CEO of the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund; Yara Hawari, Palestine Policy Fellow with Al-Shabaka; Journalist Mohamed Omer; Yara Asi, Global Health and Development Lecturer at the University of Central Florida; Chris Doyle, Director of the Council for British Arab Understanding (Caabu); and Journalist Jonathan Cook.
“When I think of the international role in this COVID-19 pandemic, it’s not our failure in the last couple of weeks that’s troubling; it’s our failure over 70 years plus that has led to all of this,” Chris Doyle, Director of Caabu.
“We are trying to prevent a disaster from happening,” Aseel Baidoun, MAP’s Advocacy and Communications Officer in the West Bank.

Source: Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP)