Violent Escalation at Gaza Border as Israel Kills Five and Injures

By Palestine Chronicle Staff

While thousands of Palestinians gather at the Gaza border to launch the peaceful ‘Great March of Return’, Israel forces responded violently, resulting in five deaths and many injuries.

The peaceful protests began earlier today, March 30, marking the day Israeli forces killed six Palestinians during protests against land confiscation in 1976.

Organized by a large network of Palestinian activists, the protests are expected to continue until May 15, which marks the 70th anniversary of the Nakba � or the ethnic cleansing of Palestine of its native inhabitants in 1947-48.

Although Palestinian movements, including Hamas had declared the peaceful intention or the protests, the Israeli military quickly built up a large force at the Gaza border.

This morning, one of the protesters, Mohammed Najjar, 25, was shot dead near Jabaliya.

A Gaza farmer, Omar Samour, 27, was also killed by an Israeli tank shell near Khan Younis.

According to local residents, he was gathering crops from his field to sell later in a local market.

The other victims of Israeli violence are Amin Mahmoud Mu’ammar, 38, from Rafah in the southern Gaza, Muhammad Abu Omar, 19, and Ahmad Ibrahim Odeh, 16, from the northern Gaza Strip.

Source: The Palestine Chroncile