Violence Flares as Israel Strikes Besieged Gaza Strip

Israel’s army said it had launched airstrikes on the besieged Gaza Strip early on Saturday, following Israeli violence at the Gaza fence that saw a Palestinian teenager shot dead and many injured.

The health ministry in the besieged enclave said that 220 Palestinians were injured in Friday’s protests on the Gaza border in addition to 15-year-old Othman Rami Halles who was shot dead.

Palestinians in Gaza have been demonstrating against Israel’s decade-long blockade of the territory and in support of their right to return to lands they fled or were driven from during the war surrounding the creation of Israel in 1948.

Since the protests began on March 30, they have been violently quashed by the Israeli army. Nearly 140 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli fire.

The majority of those killed were non-violent protesters, as well as journalists, bystanders, and a nurse, however, a small number were seeking to breach or damage the border fence.

Source: Palestine Chronicle