UN: 1,400 Palestinian Protesters May Suffer Long-Term Disability

Some 1,400 Palestinians shot by Israeli forces during Great March of Return protests in the occupied Gaza Strip face the possibility of long-term disability, a United Nations agency has said.

The UN OCHA report, contributed by the World Health Organization and the Disability Working Group, said:

Since the start of demonstrations on March 30 up to June 30, says the report, a total of 15,501 Palestinians were injured by Israeli forces, of whom 8,221 required hospitalization.

As of July 3, 53 Palestinians had received lower limb amputations and eight had upper limb amputations, with 11 children among the amputees.

As of June 26, meanwhile, more than 1,400 Palestinians with severe injuries are at risk of longer-term physical disability.

Source: Palestine Chronicle