Tensions Rise ahead of Far-Right Israeli ‘Flag March’ through Jerusalem (LIVE BLOG)

Around 70,000 far-right Israelis are expected to take part on Tuesday in the march that risks reigniting tensions with Palestinians and poses an early test for Israel’s new government.

Calling the march a “provocation”, Palestinians called for “Day of Rage” protests in Gaza and the Israeli-occupied West Bank.

Tue, June 15,7:30 PM (GMT +3)

UPDATE | – At least 17 Palestinians have been wounded by Israeli forces in Jerusalem.

– The Red Crescent reported that Israeli forces fired on an ambulance and halted the movement of the medical team.

Tue, June 15,6:00 PM (GMT +3)

BREAKING | Red Crescent Society in Jerusalem: five people were injured during confrontations with Israeli forces in the vicinity of occupied East Jerusalem’s Old City. Three were wounded with rubber bullets, one was physically beaten, and another was injured by a stun grenade fired by Israeli police.

Tue, June 15, 5:40 PM (GMT +3)

Israeli forces have blocked access to the Damascus Gate.

Tue, June 15, 4:20 PM (GMT +3)

Dozens of Palestinians suffocate by teargas as Israeli forces attack Palestinians demonstrating in protest of Israel’s flag march planned in occupied Jerusalem later today.

Tue, June 15, 4:00 PM (GMT +3)

Palestinian activists reportedly launched balloons and kites from the Gaza Strip towards areas in southern Israel.

Tue, June 15, 3:35 PM (GMT +3)

Israel has deployed Iron Dome missile batteries in order to thwart any potential rocket attack from the Gaza Strip as the new right-wing government approves a provocative far-right “Flag March” expected to take place on Tuesday in Jerusalem, Israeli state broadcaster Kan has reported.

Tue, June 15, 2:35 PM (GMT +3)

Israeli police say it will deploy 2,000 forces to provide protection for participants in the planned “flag march” across occupied East Jerusalem.

Hamas spokesman Mohammed Hamadeh said mediators had been in contact with Palestinian armed groups in recent days to appeal to them “not to engage in a military escalation on the basis of the march”.

“All options remain on the table, however,” said Hamadeh.

Tue, June 15, 2:30 PM (GMT +3)

Jewish settlers begin to gather for the march.

Heavily armed paramilitary border police and other forces patrolled the streets of the city, set up checkpoints, and blocked off roads throughout East Jerusalem.

Iron barriers were placed outside the entrance to Damascus Gate.

Hundreds of Palestinians gathered inside the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound since morning to prevent settlers from trying to enter. Busloads came from inside Israel.

Source: The Palestine Chronicle

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