Spain’s Third-Largest City Endorses BDS as Podemos Leader Calls Israel ‘Criminal Country’

Following the decision of the local council of Spain’s third largest city to declare it an Israeli apartheid-free zone, the leader of Podemos, the party behind the motion, called the Israeli state a criminal country.

During an interview with the RTVE public broadcaster, Pablo Iglesias Turrion said:

It has been some difficult weeks for the Israeli occupation: Shakira canceled her concert in Tel Aviv, Argentina canceled the friendly soccer match with Israel, many well-known and international artists and filmmakers pulled out of the pinkwashing Tel Aviv LGBT film festival, and a wave of cities in the Spanish state have declared their support for the Palestinian cause.

Last week, Valencia became the biggest city in the world to declare itself an Israeli apartheid-free zone thanks to a motion proposed by councilor Neus Fabregas Santan in favor of the Palestinian people.

Now, Valencia’s city council has committed to refrain from any contract or cultural event with Israeli authorities or companies.

Commenting on the news, the BDS movement said:

Other Spanish cities have expressed their support for the Palestinian people and the BDS movement.

Madrid, Spain’s capital, and its largest city condemned Israel’s

Barcelona’s city council called for a comprehensive arms embargo on Israel and called on the Spanish state to endorse it.

Also, the Catalan cities of Terrassa and Badalona joined the calls by their capital city and demanded Spain and other European governments stop selling arms to Israel.

Pamplona expressed its support for Gazans participating in the Great March of Return, calling on European governments to cut diplomatic ties with Israel and passed a resolution supporting the right of Palestinians to return to their home.

Ana Sanchez, a member of the Spanish Boycott National Committee (BNC), said:

Trebujena, a small town in Andalusia, became an Apartheid Free Zone last month as well.

Source: Palestine Chronicle