Relative calm in Gaza following reports of ceasefire

GAZA, A relative yet tense calm was observed in Gaza on Wednesday following an intense night of Israeli shelling all over the Gaza Strip and Palestinian response with rocket fire at Israeli towns.

Reports said the two sides agreed through Egyptian mediation to resume the 2014 understanding on maintaining calm in Gaza.

While Israel said it has not agreed to a ceasefire but that it will not attack Gaza if not attacked, Hamas officials in Gaza confirmed that an understanding has been reached with Israel through Egypt to maintain the calm agreement reached following the 2014 Israeli war on Gaza that lasted for 51 days and cost lives of hundreds of Palestinians and total destruction of the besieged Gaza Strip.

Israeli warplanes carried out dozens of sorties over Gaza during the night, attacking over 60 targets it claimed where Hamas and Islamic Jihad bases causing heavy damage but no casualties. Big explosions were heard throughout the night in the Gaza Strip, according to WAFA correspondent.

He said the raids targeted agricultural land and other locations in the cities and refugee camps causing heavy damage. Homes in the vicinity of the attacks were also damaged.

In retaliation, Palestinian fighters fired over 80 home-made rockets at Israeli towns bordering Gaza, causing little damage but forcing the Israeli residents to take shelter in safe rooms or underground shelters.

However, with the calm observed in the morning, the Israeli authorities called on residents to resume normal life.

Meanwhile, the United States has called on the United Nations Security Council to convene an emergency meeting on what it claimed were attacks against Israel.

Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency