Protests Around the World in Solidarity with Palestine

Protests in solidarity with the Palestinian people took place in several cities around the world.

Houston, U.S.A.

Palestinians and American activists in Houston protested in support of the March of Return.

Rome, Italy

Palestinians and Italian activists hold a banner reading: Life, land and freedom for the Palestinian People. Jerusalem is the eternal Capital of Palestine. We say no to the Wall and to Israeli occupation. Free Palestine.

London, UK

Anti-Zionist Jews belonging to the religious group of Neturei Karta protested in London in support of the Great March of Return.

Also, a mass protest was held last Friday in front of the Israeli Embassy in London.

Chicago, U.S.A.

DePaul University students prepared for the Nakba march in Chicago.

cMercogliano, Italy

Pro-Palestinian activists protest againsted the Giro d’Italia, which started from Jerusalem on May 4.

Source: Palestine Chronicle