Protests around The World in Solidarity with Gaza

Naples, Italy

Dozens of people gathered in Piazza Garibaldi for a protest organized by the Palestinian Community in Campania and by the ‘Coordinamento Palestina Napoli’, in solidarity with the Palestinian people and to support the Great March of Return.

Palestine solidarity organisations in Britain are organizing a series of popular events and demonstrations in protest at Israel’s killing and wounding of participants in the Great March of return at the Gaza border.

Jakarta, Indonesia

Over 100 people gathered in front of the Palestinian Embassy in Jakarta before marching to the Embassy of the United States, in order to support the Great March of Return and condemn the Israeli violence at the Gaza border.

Athens, Greece

In Athens, a crowd of protesters marched to the Israeli embassy on Saturday, March 31. There, they chanted and sang Palestinian songs, carrying Palestinian flags and demanding the Israeli embassy to leave Greece. In response, the protesters were attacked by police surrounding the embassy.

Berlin, Germany

In Berlin, demonstrators gathered at Hermannplatz on April 1 to demand an end to the attacks on Palestinians in Gaza. Another event is scheduled for April 8.

Source: Palestine Chronicle