Protest and prayer outside Al-Aqsa gates force Israel to reopen Mosque for prayer

JERUSALEM, After dozens of Palestinians heeded calls to hold the afternoon prayer on Friday outside the closed gates of Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem’s Old City and calls were made to hold all other prayers at the gates to protest Israeli closure of their holy place, Israeli police reopened the holy compound and allowed free entry into it, according to Muslim officials.

They said police that was present in large numbers in the Muslim holy site since noon had left the compound and reopened all gates.

Immediately after police had left it and its gates reopened, hundreds of Palestinians waiting outside entered it chanting slogans of support for their holy site and held prayer inside it.

Large number of Israeli police in full riot gear broke into the Muslim holy place immediately after the Friday noon prayer to quell participants in a peaceful march marking one year since forcing Israel to remove metal detectors it had placed at its gates and brutally attacked worshippers, men and women of all ages, causing dozens of injuries, all light.

Police then evacuated by force the compound from all worshippers after breaking into Al-Aqsa Mosque building were prayers are usually held and closed all gates to the entire compound preventing people from entering it.

Religious leaders made immediate calls on the public to hold the five daily prayers at the gates in protest against the Israeli measure, a step reminiscent of the protests last year to force Israel to remove the metal detectors.

Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency