Prisoner’s Society objects to an army decision to demolish family building of detainee

RAMALLAH, The Palestinian Prisoner’s Society (PPS) filed an objection on Thursday against an Israeli military decision to demolish the entire four-story building owned by the family of a detainee from Amari refugee camp in Ramallah.

PPS attorney Bilal Sbeihat filed the objection with the legal advisor to the Israeli army against a second decision issued on Wednesday to demolish the entire building owned by the Abu Hmeid family instead of a previous decision issued last month to demolish only two floors.

The army accuses Islam Abu Hmeid of causing the death of an Israeli soldier during an army operation in the refugee camp in May after dropping a big block of tile on his head from the roof of a building.

The army changed its previous decision after the family of the dead soldier appealed it and demanded a bigger punishment to the entire family.

Israel always demolishes homes of Palestinians involved in killing Israelis as part of its collective punishment policy, but never of Israelis convicted of killing Palestinians.

The Abu Hmeid family has four of its sons serving different life sentences in Israeli jails for resisting the occupation. A sixth brother is held in administrative detention in Israel and a seventh brother was killed by the Israeli army in 1994. Islam was arrested in June and he is also expected to be sentence to life in prison.

The building in question is home to all the brothers and their families.

Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency