PFLP: Abbas is Putting the Palestinian Cause at Stake

The Palestinian Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine said yesterday that the Palestinian political regime is run by one party, referring to the Fatah movement led by Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas, Quds Press reported.

Omar Shehadeh, senior PFLP leader in Gaza, said in a statement that Abbas

He stressed that taking control of the Palestinian National Fund is contrary to the laws of the PLO, stressing that the latest decision taken by Abbas aimed to tighten partisan and personal grip over the PLO institutions.

Shehadah said that Abbas’ measures put the Palestinian cause at stake.

Most of the Palestinian factions criticized Abbas’ decision to control the Palestinian National Fund and his decision to sack the member of the Executive Committee Tayseer Khalid as a chief of the PLO’s department of the Palestinians in the diaspora.

Source: Palestine Chronicle