Palestinians confront Israeli forces raiding Kobar village north of Ramallah

RAMALLAH, Hundreds of Palestinians in several villages north of Ramallah confronted early Saturday a large Israeli army force at it headed to the village of Kobar to search homes and detain people, said witnesses and officials.

According to Izzat Badwan, head or Kobar village council, soldiers continued for the third night in a row to raid the village, break into homes, cause havoc and big destruction, terrorize the village residents and make arrests.

He told WAFA in a telephone interview that residents confronted the soldiers with stones, who opened live fire at them causing five injuries, one reported in critical condition.

He said the soldiers stole money from two homes they had raided.

Residents of several nearby villages also clashed with the army convey as they heading to Kobar or leaving it. They threw stones at the soldiers who fired back live bullets, tear gas and rubber bullets. No injuries were reported.

The raid on Kobar came after a young resident stabbed and killed an Israeli settler on Thursday night. The alleged attacker, a 17-year-old student, was shot dead on the spot.

Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency