Palestinian Prisoners to Begin Hunger Strike

Palestinian prisoners are to begin a mass hunger strike tomorrow, April 7, in protest against the deteriorating situation inside Israel’s prisons and its recent crackdowns on inmates.

The prisoners said in a statement yesterday:

The prisoners stressed that the general hunger strike will begin tomorrow in a bid to pressure Israel to afford them their rights, as guaranteed under international law. The announcement comes just days before Israel’s general election on Tuesday, which has led commentators to suggest Israel might be more willing to negotiate a quick end to the hunger strike to limit any bad press it could cause.

The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)’s Prisoners Committee said that the situation inside Israeli prisons has deteriorated since the Israeli Prison Service installed electronic jamming devices in several prisons. These jamming devices are believed to have severe medical implications, including dizziness, headaches, and links to cancer.

The prisoners, therefore, stressed that any deal must guarantee a dignified life, as well as maintenance of our rights, adding they would not accept a deal that does not include the removal of the jamming devices.

According to the PLO committee, leaders of Hamas’ prisoners in Ramon Prison, located near Mitzpe Ramon in the Negev (Naqab) desert, are to be briefed about the outcomes of the dialogue with the Israeli prison service.

Source: Palestine Chronicle