Palestinian Pop Star Assaf Boycotts YouTube over Censorship of Palestine Content

Palestinian pop star Mohammad Assaf announced that he will not release his latest single We are Palestinians on his YouTube channel following the site’s censorship of pro-Palestine content.

Assaf criticized YouTube for fighting pro-Palestinian content, saying:

“This song will not be uploaded to my official YouTube channel, because YouTube is fighting Palestinian content during this period for no reason.”

“We, the Palestinian, may God be with us and strengthen us. I present this song to you, in these circumstances, as a simple contribution from me and a gift to my people and all my fans everywhere,” Assaf posted on his Instagram page.

Calls emerged worldwide to boycott Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube in addition to other social media platforms over their involvement in removing content that advocates for Palestinians human rights and criticized Israel’s brutal apartheid regime.


Source: The Palestine Chronicle

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