Palestinian paramedic killed by Israeli fire during clash in Bethlehem

A Palestinian paramedic has died from critical injuries sustained after Israeli forces raided the Deheisheh refugee camp, south of Bethlehem early morning Wednesday 27 March.

17-year-old Sajed Abed al-Hakim Mizher, a volunteer for the Palestinian Medical Relief Society (PMRS), was shot in the abdomen as he tried to provide medical assistance to the camp’s residents during the raid.

Palestinian medical aid coordinator Mazen al-Azza told Palestine News Network (PNN) that Mezher was deliberately targeted by Israeli forces as he was wearing paramedic uniform.

Al-Azza also called on international and human rights organisations and the United Nations to hold Israel accountable for this crime and other crimes against Palestinian medical personnel.

The Israeli occupation forces violate all international conventions that protect medical staff from being targeted in such circumstances, Al-Azza told PNN

Four other Palestinians were injured with live Israeli bullets during the clash in Deheisheh. Witnesses report Israeli soldiers also used tear-gas bombs and stun grenades.

According to Ma’an News Agency, witnesses said Israeli soldiers raided streets and alleyways of the refugee camp, descending on rooftops of houses.

Israeli forces also detained three youths identified as Muhammad Rizq Hammash, 21, Mahmoud Walid Lahham and Maali Issa Maali, 27.

Source: Palestine Monitor