Palestinian Municipality Offers Tax Waivers for Shops Boycotting Israeli Products

Beitunia Municipality, one of the main Ramallah neighborhoods, has offered tax waivers to shops that boycott Israeli products, Al-Quds Al-Arabi reported on Wednesday.

According to the online newspaper, the shops, which are completely empty of Israeli products, would be exempt from fees for two years.

Mayor Ribhi Dola said the campaign is an extension of a previous effort that started during the Israeli offensive on Gaza in 2014.

“We hope that Beitunia, as well as all the country, will be empty of Israeli products,” Dola said, noting that this measure will encourage local products.

This measure, Dola said, comes in line with similar measures taken by other municipalities across the occupied West Bank. In fact, Palestinians are boycotting Israeli products as part of a weeklong campaign to support local businesses.

Palestinian imports from Israel are worth $3.8 billion a year and make up 55 percent of all imports into the occupied territories.

Source: Palestine Chronicle

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