Palestinian Intelligence Delegation in D.C. to Hold Talks with CIA

US website AXIOS has quoted Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas as saying that a Palestinian intelligence and security delegation led by Maj. Gen. Majid Faraj, Head of the Palestinian General Intelligence Service (PGIS), has visited Washington to hold talks with CIA officials.

According to the website, during his meeting with some Israeli Knesset members in his office in Ramallah, on Sunday, he said that he hopes to maintain security coordination and exchange of intelligence information with the United States. This is despite his decision to sever all forms of relations with the White House against the backdrop of US President Trump’s decision last year to transfer his country’s embassy in Israel to the city of Jerusalem.

The CNN has quoted on its Arabic version website the Executive Director of the Israeli non-governmental organization Peace Now, Shaqued Morag, and Knesset member of Meretz Party, Moshe Mossi Raz, as saying that President Abbas talked during the meeting about the US proposal on the possibility of forming a Palestinian-Jordanian confederation.

According to Morag, Abbas said during the meeting that the US proposal has been put forward a few months ago by Jared Kushner and Jason Greenblatt, two senior US administration officials working on the Israeli-Palestinian matter.

Regarding the relationship with the Americans, Morag said that Abbas told them that:

The CNN also quoted Moshe Raz as saying that:

On the other hand, the US envoy Jason Greenblatt did not confirm any details or discussions with Abbas but stressed that the process of drafting proposals for a peaceful solution is still ongoing, as quoted by the CNN.

Source: Palestine Chronicle