The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, strongly condemned the successive waves of colonisation and the frequent calls of the extreme Israeli official, to annex the occupied territories.

In the midst of a campaign, to sway the government and the Knesset, to annex the city, the race between the right wing leaders in Israel is escalating towards colonialist calls, for the annexation of the occupied territories and area C; which coincides with an extreme wave of settlement’s expansion activity, and projects linking West Bank settlements with the central Israeli cities, said the ministry in statement, issued on Sunday.

These leaders are pushing towards turning the upcoming elections in Israel to be an arena for referendum, concerning the right wing’s colonial project of imposing sovereignty over the Jordan Valley and Area C; which requires us to warn against the disastrous consequences of the expansionist, colonial direction that the Israeli regime is heading towards.

In this context, Israel’s Minister of Transportation, Yisrael Katz, announced that, he instructed the authorities to advance plans for the construction of the four Billion ILS ($1.16 Billion) light rail project, which will connect the settlement of Ariel, with the central Israeli cities of Rosh HaAyin, and Petah Tikva, that will roll through the Occupied West Bank, claiming that it will serve the Israeli and Palestinian population.

The Ministry calls upon the international community, especially the Security Council, to deal with these colonial projects, as a serious matter. To also consider its serious consequences not only on the security, also its risks on the chances of resolving the conflict through political means on the basis of a two-state solution.

The Ministry assured that condemnation statements solely, concerning the consequences and dangers of colonialism, are not enough.

The international community’s silence encourages the occupying state to continue its rebellion against international legitimacy and international resolutions. Said the statement.

Failing to punish Israel for its grave violations of international law, especially U.N Resolution 2334, obliges the Security Council to take responsibility and the necessary measures to deter the occupation’s forces and compel them to comply with international legitimacy, the statement concluded.

Source: NAM News Network