Palestine ranks 2nd in Technovision challenge

RAMALLAH, The Ministry of Education and Higher Education announced on Friday that Palestine has ranked second globally in the world challenge of Technovision for smart phone applications for girls and young women between 10 and 18.

The competition was held this year in San Francisco, the US, where the Palestinian team participated under the name TMWZ, and where 18 teams representing 14 countries, including India, Russia, America, China and Egypt, participated.

Palestine was represented by four female students, namely Zubaydah al-Sadr, Masa Halawa, Tamara Awaisah and Wasan al-Sayyid, from the Nablus Directorate of Education. The team was supervised by Ms. Yamamah al-Shak’a and Mr. Mufid Arafat.

The Palestinian team contributed to the innovation of a smart phone application for fire fighting.

Minister of Education Sabri Saidam thanked the Palestinian team for their excellence and their families for supporting them. He said this application adds to the remarkable achievements of the Ministry of Education

Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency