One Disabled, One in a Coma: Palestinian Family to Be Evicted from their Jerusalem Home

An Israeli court on Sunday ruled in favor of an extremist Jewish organization, that has been trying to evict a Palestinian family from their home in East Jerusalem, alleging that the land upon which the house was built previously belonged to Jews.

The legal ground for the ruling is based on an Israeli law, which gives Jews the right to claim properties that allegedly belonged to them in East Jerusalem while denying Palestinians the same right.

The ruling could set a precedent for the eviction of an additional 700 Palestinians living in the Batn al-Hawa enclave of Silwan, in occupied East Jerusalem, wrote Nir Hasson in Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

The Palestinian Rajbi family has been residing in their East Jerusalem home since 1975.

The Israeli judge has now ordered their eviction.

The head of the family, Nasser Rajbi, is responsible for the welfare of 22 people, including his children and grandchildren. One of his daughters is seriously disabled, while his 25-year-old son suffered a heart attack two-and-a-half months ago and has since been in a coma, the newspaper reported.

According to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in the Occupied Territories (OCHA), In recent decades, Israeli settler organizations, with the support of the Israeli authorities, have taken control of properties within Palestinian neighborhoods in East Jerusalem and established settlement compounds.

Palestinian houses have been transferred to settler organizations by various means. In some cases, settlers have pursued court cases to evict the Palestinian residents, on the grounds that the land or buildings were owned by Jewish individuals or associations in East Jerusalem prior to 1948, OCHA said in a recent report.

Source: Palestine Chronicle