On black background, dailies highlight the massacre in Gaza

RAMALLAH, On black background, the three Palestinian Arabic dailies gave extensive reporting on their Tuesday issue front page for the Israeli massacre of unarmed Palestinian civilians in Gaza the day before.

Al-Hayat al-Jadida wrote the word mourning,’ in big font in a black box on the top of its front page and said in main headline: The blood of Jerusalem and return … the blood of Palestine; the occupation turning barbaric 58 martyrs and more than 2700 wounded in Gaza.

Al-Ayyam said in the headline that went across the front page above a picture showing black smoke covering the skies as thousands of people stand watching: 58 martyrs and 2800 wounded in the ‘US Embassy massacre’ in the Gaza Strip.

Al-Quds said: A black day the occupation commits a massacre whose victims are 58 martyrs and 2771 wounded in the Strip.

All three papers gave extensive coverage for local and world reaction to the latest Israeli massacre against Palestinian civilians in Gaza, with some calling for taking Israeli army commanders to international tribunals, others condemning the killings and some, such as the US, blaming the victims for the large number of people killed.

Al-Quds said Turkey’s Erdogan declared three days of mourning in solidarity with the Palestinian people as Turkey recalled its ambassadors in Israel and the US in a protest move against the Gaza massacre and the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem, which triggered the protests and the Israeli carnage.

It also said South Africa has also recalled its ambassador in Israel for the same reason.

The three papers also reported on the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem and President Mahmoud Abbas describing it as an American settlement outpost and not an embassy.

They said the Palestinian leadership, in its emergency meeting on Monday night in Ramallah, has decided to join a number of international organizations in retaliation for the US move and to file a complaint against Israeli settlements with the International Criminal Court.

The papers also said Israeli forces crushed a protest in East Jerusalem that took place close to the location of the US embassy.

Source: Palestine News and Info Agency