Old book, new cover: Renewed stalemate after second Israeli elections

In the second Israeli elections for the year, no clear winner was chosen as the final of the ballots were counted. As in April, it looks as though Israeli politics are stuck in the same scenario.

The Israeli Central Election Committee published first results, which show that both, Likud and Blue and White, will receive 33 seats in the new Knesset. Furthermore, this stalemate leads to the circumstance, that neither of Likud nor Blue and White, can form a coalition with the 61 necessary seats.

According to recent estimates, a right-wing coalition led by Likud would achieve 54 seats, and a centre-left coalition led by Blue and White would get 58.

Despite the poor election outcome, Netanyahu has approached right-wing and orthodox parties Yamina, United Torah Judaism and Shas, showing his willingness to form a right-wing government coalition.

Netanyahu said in a speech after the announcement of the first results that All of the Likud’s partners want to move forward together to build a strong government and not permit a dangerous anti-Zionist government.

Meanwhile, Benny Gantz promised to form a broad national unity government to heal Israel’s wounded society. He further added No to incitement and division, yes to unity. No to corruption, and yes to clean hands. No to attempts to destroy Israeli democracy, and yes to statesmanship and Israel as a democratic and Jewish state.

To be able to form a unity government, Gantz further explained that he intends to speak with everyone.

The Joint Arab List was able to gain back old strength, by gaining approximately 13 seats, and will, therefore, be the third biggest party and opposition leader in the new Knesset.

Ahmed Tibi member of the Joint List and Head of the Ta’al party said in an interview after the first results were published The era of Benjamin Netanyahu has come to a close.

A spokesperson of the Arab list concluded We see that the Joint List’s supporters went out in droves to vote and reduced the right-wing Netanyahu coalition’s power. In the next Knesset, we will be a leading, strong force. We will fight the occupation and for equality, peace and justice.

The voter turnout increased from 68.41 per cent in the April Elections to 69.4 per cent.

Source: Palestine Monitor