Newspapers Review: Israeli army crackdown on Palestinian anti-settlement protests focus of dailies

The three Palestinian Arabic dailies – al-Hayat al-Jadida, al-Ayyam, and al-Quds – today highlighted in their main front-page headlines the Israeli occupation army’s suppression of an anti-settlement march in Beit Dajan, and the injury of Palestinians, as well as demolitions and notification of demolition in the occupied territories.

They also reported on the presidency’s affirmation that the State of Palestine stands by China in preserving its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Here are the main headlines of these dailies.

Al-Hayat al-Jadida

The President offers scholarships to five brothers from the Zaanin family who have passed the high school tawjihi exam

Dozens were injured as the occupation army suppressed an anti-settlement march in Beit Dajan, and four were wounded in al-Faraa camp

The State of Palestine affirms its support for China to preserve its sovereignty, territorial integrity, and the One-China policy

Shtayyeh calls on the US Congress to recognize the State of Palestine to achieve the two-state solution

The occupation authority extends the detention of the governor of Jerusalem under the pretext of filing an indictment against him

Israeli soldiers break the silence: settlers interfere with home demolitions and the canceling of permits for Palestinians

A play by students frightens the occupation

Amnesty poll: The majority of Jews fear the Palestinian flag

The Development Ministry announces the date for disbursing the first batch of support provided to the orphans

The European Union, Finland and Italy donate 15.678 million euros to East Jerusalem hospitals

The circumstances of the death of a citizen in Qalqilya disclosed

Pelosi arrives in Taiwan, China vows targeted military operations


Palestine calls for halting any actions that go against the One-China policy

The occupation cordons off the Gaza Strip and raises the state of alert after the arrest of al-Saadi

Biden officially announces the killing of Ayman al-Zawahiri in an American strike targeting him in Kabul

The occupation forces run over a young man in Beit Ummar and assault people in Silwan

The occupation arrests a young man at al-Karama crossing, claiming that he intends to carry out a stabbing attack

Injuries in al-Fara’a camp and Beit Dajan, and the occupation carries out demolitions and notification of demolitions

Mass funeral of the martyr Dirar al-Kafrini

The occupation demolishes a warehouse and a parking spot in Silwan in order to annex the land to a settlement scheme

Tensions escalate between the US and China as Nancy Pelosi begins her visit to Taiwan

UN rapporteurs call on Israel to stop harassing human rights defenders

Amnesty poll: The majority of Jews fear the Palestinian flag

Israel: 153 monkeypox cases diagnosed

The arrival of the first Ukrainian shipment of grain to the Turkish coast on its way to Lebanon


Extension of the detention of the Governor of Jerusalem and filing an indictment against him

The occupation is on alert at the borders of the Gaza Strip, installs the Iron Dome, and calls in the reserves

The funeral of the martyr al-Kafrini, dozens of injuries, and the demolition of homes and facilities in the West Bank

A new settlement scheme on the lands of Yabad and Anin

Israel called on to stop harassing aid workers and activists in the West Bank

Pelosi defies China’s threats and arrives in Taiwan

Reactions to the killing of al-Zawahiri by an American strike

Source: Palestine News And Information Agency