New Video Reveals Moments before Murder of Autistic Palestinian Man

On May 30, Israeli police officers shot and killed a Palestinian man with mental disability in East Jerusalem.

Soon after the murder of Iyad Khairi Hallaq, 32, Israeli reports suggested that the autistic man was carrying a “suspicious object that looked like a pistol.”

Later, it was claimed, also by Israeli sources, that Hallaq was carrying a toy gun.

However, according to eyewitnesses, when Hallaq was shot and fell on the ground, he was merely holding his gloves and a face mask.

Hallaq’s brutal murder by Israeli soldiers sparked outrage and protests throughout Palestine.

On June 1, Israeli channel 13 aired a surveillance video, showing the last minutes before Hallaq was shot by Israeli forces.

In the video, Hallaq appears to be holding two garbage bags as he walked towards the Al-Bakriya institute where he received a basic education. There was no evidence that Hallaq had any violent intentions towards the Israeli police or anyone else.

“When Iyad approaches an area where Israeli police officers are deployed near Al Asbat gate,” Quds News Network reported on June 2, “Israeli officers start shooting at him, claiming that they thought Iyad was a member of the resistance.”

After the killing, Israeli officers reportedly broke into the house of Hallaq’s family, assaulting his sisters, while searching the house for any evidence that may link the autistic man to Palestinian resistance.


Source: The Palestine Chronicle