New Poll: Israel Is Lowest Policy Priority for Jewish American Voters

A new survey has found that Israel is the lowest policy priority for Jewish American voters.

According to a poll commissioned by the Jewish Electorate Institute (JEI), a candidate’s stance on Israel ranks at the bottom of a list of 16 policy priorities of Jewish voters.

Designed to understand what drives Jewish voters’ engagement in politics in advance of the 2020 elections, the poll revealed that domestic issues dominate the policy priorities of the Jewish community as they determine which candidate to supportas opposed to issues related to Israel.

While � unsurprisingly � the survey indicated that the Jewish community continues to identify as strongly pro-Israel, more than half (53 percent) of those polled are critical of at least some of the current Israeli government’s policies.

Two-thirds of the Jewish electorate remains firmly aligned with the Democratic Party, with 25 percent of Jewish voters identifying as Republicans.

Overall, 71 percent disapprove of President Trumps’ overall job performance, 70 percent view him unfavourably, 67 per cent would vote for a generic Democrat over President Trump, and 65 percent would vote for Democratic candidate Joe Biden over President Trump.

Source: Palestine Chronicle