Netanyahu: We Will Annex West Bank, Jordan Valley with US Support

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu yesterday pledged to annex the Jordan Valley and illegal settlements built in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem with the United States’ support.

Speaking during a visit to the illegal Jewish settlement of Mitzpe Yeriho near Jericho, Netanyahu said:

The first thing we will do is to apply our sovereignty in the Jordan Valley and also in settlements, and we will do so with American recognition. We are strengthening the State of Israel and ensuring its future.

As Ramzy Baroud, journalist, author and editor of The Palestine Chronicle commented:

A sense of euphoria has been felt among Israel’s right-wing officials since the advent of Donald Trump to the White House. The excitement was not directly linked to Trump but to his Middle East team of like-minded pro-Israel US officials whose support for Tel Aviv is predicated not just on personal interests, but religious and ideological beliefs too.

The call for annexing major illegal settlement blocs, along with the Jordan Valley, is now a common demand made by all of Israel’s main political parties, Baroud added.

Netanyahu is also trying to maintain his post as leader of the Likud Party against rival, Gideon Sa’ar, in an effort to be re-elected as prime minister.

Source: Palestine Chronicle