Netanyahu Claims ‘Huge Win’ in Likud Primary

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed a huge win on Thursday night against his rival Gideon Sa’ar in the primary election for the leadership of Israel’s ruling Likud party.

Israel’s embattled leader beat his rival Gideon Sa’ar with 72.5 percent of the vote, with Sa’ar attaining 27.5 percent.

During his victory speech at Likud headquarters, Netanyahu commented:

It’s a tremendous victory we beat those who spreading fake news while trying to dwarf our achievement as well as the weather, which didn’t deter Likud voters.

Nearly half of the party’s eligible members voted on Thursday, December 26, according to Israeli media.

Netanyahu’s challenger, Gideon Saar accepted defeat, declaring that he will back Netanyahu in the country’s general election, scheduled for March 2020.

Netanyahu’s victory came despite the fact he is facing faces charges of bribery, fraud, and breach of trust in three corruption cases, in which he is accused of trading legislative or regulatory favors in exchange for lavish gifts or favorable media coverage.

Source: Palestine Chronicle