National Forces calls for mass protests on Land Day

RAMALLAH, The National and Islamic Forces, a coalition of major Palestinian factions, called on Saturday for mass protests against the Israeli occupation on March 30 to commemorate the Land Day, ahead of the preparations for the commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the Palestinian exodus, the Nakba.

The Forces called for protests at Israeli checkpoints in the occupied West Bank on March 30 to show anger over the racist and discriminatory policies of the occupation, as well as to express outrage over what has become known as the Deal of the Century.

On that day, March 30, Palestinians in the West Bank, Gaza and in Israel will mark Land Day, commemorating an Israeli decision in 1976 to expropriate large tracts of land in the Galilee region, in northern Palestine, a move that sparked widespread riots that resulted in the death of six Palestinian citizens.

The Land Day is of special significance to the Palestinians because it was the first time since 1948 that Palestinians in Israel organized a collective response to Israeli policies. It is marked not only by Palestinians within historical Palestine, but also by Palestinians all over the world.

Source: Palestine News & Info Agency