Naiim Hassan calls for ‘commitment to principles’ on Eid al-Adha

Sheikh Akl of the Druze Community, Naiim Hassan, held on Tuesday in Abey the Adha Eid sermon, whereby he called for a strong adherence to the principles of dialogue, a fair settlement, a national reconciliation and anything that would solidify the foundations of coexistence.

Hassan urged all political counterparts to stay away from escalatory discourse that would flare up “strife” and sectarian “instincts”.

He also wished that President Aoun’s tenure would achieve the Lebanese people’s dreams and aspirations.

At the cabinet formation level, the Druze Sheikh criticized the political parties, holding them responsible for their failure to form a new government, especially in light of the political, security, economic and regional dangers.

Finally, he hoped for the end of wars in Syria and Palestine, and for finding political solutions to conflicts on the basis of justice and equity, as well as consolidating a comprehensive and lasting peace.

Source: National News Agency