Mother Dies One Day after Her Imprisoned Son is Released, without Seeing Him

Khitam Mahmoud Ju’aidy was eagerly waiting for April 15 to come as it was the date set for the release of her imprisoned son. Unfortunately, she didn’t live long enough to see him son.

Ju’aidy, 53, from the city of Qalqilya in the north of the occupied West Bank, was pronounced dead at Makassed Hospital in East Jerusalem on Monday morning, one day after he son, Abdallah Odeh, was released from prison after serving three years for resisting the Israeli occupation.

She was able to briefly speak to her son on the phone but didn’t get a chance to see him in person because she was in Jerusalem and her son couldn’t travel to Jerusalem, which is locked to Palestinians from the West Bank or Gaza unless they have a permit.

Ju’aidy was taken to Makassed Hospital in Jerusalem five days ago following severe deterioration in her health. She was receiving treatment at Qalqilya hospital for a disease she has had for 10 years. Her health quickly deteriorated until she was pronounced dead at Makassed Hospital on Monday.

Source: Palestine Chronicle