Moroccans to Sue Security Firm over Israeli Propaganda

A privately owned Moroccan body-guarding company has been accused of propagating Zionism and jeopardizing national security, revealed monitor groups in Rabat.

National Action Group for Palestine and Moroccan Observatory Against Normalization said in a joint press conference they have spotted a training institute named Alpha Institute for Special Guards Training in Meknes which uses public halls to hold martial arts and weapons training and promote Zionism in cooperation with Israeli security officers.

The findings point to alarming recruitment and the staging of military and paramilitary training of groups in several areas across the country, coupled with an indoctrination of the Zionist ideology, the groups added.

Abdel Qadir al-Alami, the coordinator of the Group, said,

However, al-Alami has received no response two months after the meeting, which prompted the two bodies to reveal the issue to the public and communicate with parliamentarians to present it before the official parties, while announcing their resolve to request the opening of a probe by the public prosecutor into their findings.

Director of the Observatory, Aziz Hanawi, said,

Hanawi played a video showing the ‘suspicious’ director of the institute accompanied by the head of the ‘takeover’ unit in a Tel Aviv prison and an Israeli rabbi as they supervised a training course.

There are no official diplomatic relations between Morocco and Israel. Upon Morocco’s independence, the Israeli intelligence agency (Mossad) set to persuade thousands of Moroccan Jews to leave their homes and move to Israel.

Source: Palestine Chronicle