MAP gravely concerned by dangerous escalation in Gaza

[Update, 8pm] As one of Gaza’s first responders, MAP is ready to support hospitals as the security situation in Gaza continues to deteriorate this evening, with airstrikes across the Strip.

According to the Ministry of Health in Gaza, seven Palestinians have been killed and at least 45 injured since this morning. MAP is on standby to provide emergency support.

UNRWA and governmental schools will continue to be closed tomorrow. MAP is deeply concerned about the well-being of Gaza’s children, as they experience airstrikes yet again.

Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) is gravely concerned by the escalation in Gaza and is monitoring the situation closely.

It is reported that in the early hours of the morning an Israeli airstrike killed a senior Islamic Jihad commander and his wife. Their four children were injured during the attack on their home.

Airstrikes from Israel and rocket fire from Gaza are ongoing. According to the Ministry of Health, seven Palestinians have been killed and at least 45 injured since the morning.

Universities, UNRWA centres, schools and ministries are closed in Gaza.

Fikr Shalltoot, MAP’s Director in Gaza, has described the situation in Gaza as very tense.

MAP is in close contact with partners on the ground and is ready to respond should the situation escalate further.

MAP hopes for a swift de-escalation and return to calm.

Hospitals in Gaza urgently need medicines, please make a donation to help us get essential supplies to hospitals.

Source: Medical Aid for Palestinians