Lebanon’s Hezbollah Downs Israeli Drone in Southern Town of Ramyah

Lebanon’s Hezbollah says it has shot down an Israeli unmanned aircraft outside the southern town of Ramyah.

The group said in a statement on Monday it had confronted the drone with appropriate weapons as it was heading towards the town.

The aircraft was now in the hands of Hezbollah’s fighters, it added.

In a statement, the Israeli military said one of its drones fell inside southern Lebanon during routine operations. It did not say what had caused the crash but added, there is no concern information could be taken from it.

The incident took place a week after Israel and Hezbollah exchanged fire at the border, in the first such flare-up since the war.

Tensions had earlier escalated after Hezbollah accused Israel of being behind a drone attack on one of its compounds in southern Beirut.

The latest escalation comes more than a week before Israel’s parliamentary elections, scheduled to be held on September 17.

Source: Palestine Chronicle