Kushner: Trump’s Measures against Palestinians Won’t Hurt Peace

Punitive measures taken against the Palestinians by the Trump Administration, including the cutting of UN aid and the closure of the Palestinian consulate in Washington, has not hampered peace efforts, the US president’s senior advisor and son-in-law Jared Kushner has said.

Speaking to the New York Times on the 25 anniversary of the Oslo Accords, Kushner argued that the US had taken brave stances against Palestinian demands.

Since the election of President Donald Trump, US aid to Palestinian refugee agency UNRWA has been effectively wiped out, submerging the UN branch into its worst financial crisis. Last week, Washington further slashed $200 million of allocated aid to the Palestinian Authority, as well as $25 million meant to support six hospitals in East Jerusalem.

Kushner posited that the Palestinian leadership deserved the aid cuts for their reaction to the US’ decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and moving the US embassy to the city from Tel Aviv.

He added that the funds that went to UNRWA and other causes were being misused.

The US has been working on the second edition of its proposed deal of the century since last summer after its initial release was met with criticism.

The details have not been released, but preliminary reports indicate that the second peace deal will also not call for a two-state solution and will not urge a fair and just solution to the issue of Palestinian refugees looking to return, as previous proposals have done.

Last month, it was revealed that Kushner has been pushing for the refugee status of thousands of Palestinians to be removed in an effort to halt the majority of UNRWA’s operations.

Source: Palestine Chronicle