Jewish Settlers Terrorize Sheikh Jarrah Residents to Push Them Out

Jewish settlers, protected by Israeli police, continue to terrorize Palestinian residents of the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah, in an effort to force them to leave their homes.

Speaking to Safa news agency, Sheikh Jarrah resident Saleh Ziab said that Palestinians are subject to daily Israeli raids carried out by settlers protected by Israeli occupation police, citing the massive raid on the neighborhood on Monday night when 20 people were wounded and others arrested.

According to Ziab, Israeli occupation forces are preventing Palestinians “from sitting or standing in front of their homes and imposes tight restrictions on their exit or entry to the neighborhood.”

However, he said, the occupation allows armed Jewish settlers to wander whenever and wherever they want through the neighborhood.

He added: “The Israeli troops inspected my house under the pretext of looking for youths who threw stones at them … They threatened me.”

Ziab said that the Israeli police raid Palestinian homes after false complaints are made by the illegal settlers.

Sheikh Jarrah has been under a strict Israeli siege since May 18. Israel prevents activists and journalists from entering the neighborhood.

Source: Palestine Chronicle